Room Cleaning Techniques

Oh no, no, no, no! Your room is definitely a HUGE mess right now and the person you like/want to impress is visiting in no time.
There’s a pile of books spread over your bed, hair ties, necklaces, charges, hairspray-sticky surfaces, URRRRRRRRRRRRRRGH!!
You were supposed to clean the room all week but you DID NOT! And now you’re stuck in a place which looks none lesser than a mess.
Ok, well. Do. Not. Panic! It happens, and none of us are so angels that we never strike with laziness. Yes, we absolutely do.
We know about messes. And so we’re here to help you. Here’s what you need to do immediately to achieve speed-cleaning. Ready?


1. Prioritize.


Stand back and observe the room a little. Check on what’s the biggest offender there is in the room.
Shoe piles? Crusty old dishes? Empty milk glasses? No visible space at all?
Get rid of crusty underwear and all that seems as big offenders. Keep the things back to their places which you think will snag someone’s gaze the most.
This shouldn’t take your time more than 10 seconds.


2. Get rid of the major offender(s).


Like how we said go for getting rid of major offender first? Do that!
It could be clothes lying over the bed, run fast and get the laundry basket. Pile everything in that laundry, also get a garbage bag and place everything in it.
If it’s books and papers and flying all in your room then they’re the major offenders. Prioritize major offenders yourself and then pile them accordingly.
This shouldn’t take more than 20 seconds.


3. Hide anything super-personal.


We all have stuff we don’t want other people to look through. And especially the first time they’re coming up? They just can’t see it.
Scan your room and hide potentially embarrassing items such as dental headgear, wart-removing cream, prescription bottles and stuff.
You know the things you don’t want others to see right? Get them out from their sights.
This shouldn’t take more than 30 seconds.


4. Open all the windows.


Seriously even if it’s freezing, you need to do this move. Air the cave out!
Perfume off your room doors, fan your room around the corners of your room. Make the entire room smell good and sweet. This will put a good impression on the person visiting your place.
Do this within 10 seconds.


5. Quickly make the bed.


Make the bed, quickly go ahead do that! Organize the bed-sheet and squirt a little perfume to its corners as well.
Bed is the biggest thing that will snag anyone’s view in the first place, so yeah you better make it look right.
This shouldn’t take more than 20 seconds.
We’ve mentioned you a flexible guide and let you aware of things you should be aware in the most terrifying time. Good luck!

Step Saver Floor Cleaner

Cleaning a floor can be time-taking if you aren’t utilizing the right cleaners. There are number of detergents that you can use to clean your floor. But the real job is done when it’s done efficiently.  So in this article we’re going to look through some cleaners which save both your time and also clean the floor nicely. Floor cleaners like Weiman Hardwood Flood Cleaner, Mohawk Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner, Thomasville Wood Floor Cleaner and Method Squirt & Mop Wood Floor Cleaner are few of the best known today.  Purchase these today and clean the floor efficiently.

Mohawk Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner

This cleaner takes not more than a couple passes to completely remove the marks on your floor. Its performance is above average when it comes about cutting through the sticky, dried-on soil lying on floor. Only a number of passes you have to make to remove the residue lying on floor.  Out of many positive reviews this remover has got over different forums, we’ve collected this one to show you.
“Mohawk is very easy to dispense. It also has complete label directions when you’re using it.”

ZEP Commercial Hardwood & Laminate Cleaner

Over different forums, this one has got 3-Star ratings. ZEP Commercial Hardwood & Laminate Cleaner has done a great job dissolving with scuff marks. It turns out to be pretty average when dealing with sticky, dried-on soil. However, when it’s squirted repeatedly twice or thrice, it is able to remove anything sticky lying on floor.
It’s pretty easy to dispense and also good for targeting the small areas.

Orange Glo Hardwood Floor Everyday Cleaner

Company which created it says that they took wood floor test panels which had scuff marks over it. They also put a sticky hardened Jell-O mixture over its surface.  And then they evaluated how quickly this detergent is able to remove the mixture. Using number of other cleaners too, this cleaner still stood out as best among all of them.  Orange Glo was very easy to dispense, label direction’s clarity and its completeness was great. This proves how excellent this cleaner can turn out to be. Giving you the best of results, it satisfies the customer’s need very sufficiently.

Thomasville Wood Floor Cream

Made by Parker & Bailey under the Thomasville brand, this floor cleaner achieves 4-Stars over different forums. This floor cleaner has a little different medium. It’s a cream and does an impressive job dissolving the scuff marks.  Though it passes the test of removing the sticky, dried-on soil fast enough, but takes an average number of passes to completely remove it.

Parker & Bailey Wood Floor Cream

Like Thomasville Wood Floor Cleaner, this one is too a creamy cleaner. It does an excellent job in cleaning the scuff marks. But it’s a little messier to apply, use and completely remove the sticky residue lying over floor.  It’s pretty efficient in completely removing the dried-on soil from the surface.  Consider the mentioned cleaners, and speed-clean the floor of your residences. Good luck!